Stinky Steve's Septic and Grease



    Stinky Steve’s Septic and Grease specializes is Septic Tank Cleaning and Grease Traps, as well as septic tank locating, and tank riser installations. We are licensed by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, and we are family owned and operated. We are also Located in Abilene, we are NOT from out of state pretending to be a local company like some do. Our rates are very reasonable, and combined with one of the many discounts that we offer our customers; you will find a great value in the service we provide.  

    No one likes to spend money on things like cleaning your septic tank, but think about this- if you had city sewer, you could easily spend $250 per year for sewage treatment. Over 10 years that would be $2,500. Spending $200 to $500 to have your system located and maintained is not too bad. And if you take care of your system, which means pumping the tank every 3 to 5 years as reccomended by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, practicing wise water/chemical use, the cost to maintain your system could drop down to $50 per year. Not a bad deal when you think about it.

    It is not  always easy to locate a septic tank. We can locate most septic tanks in less than an hour (there are some exceptions), for a reasonable fee.  When you call us out to clean your tank we will give you the first 15 minutes of locating and digging for free, after that our standard labor charges apply.  You can save on labor by digging up your own tank if it does not have clean outs already installed in it for easy access.  We can always install a cleanout in your tank, so the next time you need it pumped out, you won't have to worry about digging up a lot of your yard!

   Call us today to schedule an appointment to have your Septic Tank pumped out.

We offer discounts to ALL Military, Veterans, Seniors (60+), NRA members, and all CHL holders-(any state).

Thank you, and God Bless, Stinky Steve’s Septic and Grease.