At Stinky Steve's Septic and Grease, we know that the last thing you wanted to spend your hard earned money on was having your septic tank cleaned out, (but its a necessary evil), so we offer many discounts.  We typically only allow for one discount per customer, so even if you qualified for a couple, well... at least your saving a little bit.

If you are a:  Senior (over 60), active duty military or Vetran (w/ ID), OR you are also a current NRA member or you hold a current CHL- from any state, we offer a $15.00 discount to you on top of our already low prices.    If you are not an NRA member or a CHL holder we encourage you to consider both and exercise your rights as an American. 

If you don't meet any of the above criteria for a discount, but still want to save some money Join the NRA or get a CHL!