Septic tank pump for up to 500 gal. (for Abilene,Potosi) TX  $275.00*

Septic tank pump for a 625 gal. (for Abilene, Potosi) TX $340.00*

Septic tank pump for a 750 gal. (for Abilene, Potosi) TX  $400.00*

Septic tank pump for up to 1000 galAbilene, Potosi TX $550.00

2 Septic tanks - (500 gallons each) Abilene TX  $550.00

Cities/ Towns outside of Abilene- will be charged a higher rate due to fuel prices for the round trip/ and the time to make the trip.

* does not include Locating or Digging up tank if necessary!

Make sure to check out our DISCOUNTS PAGE

Standard Service Call- in Abilene $100.00 

Standard Labor Rates (for tank locating / digging) standard rate is $90.00/HR  w/1HR minimum.

Overtime rate is $150.00/HR, 1 HR minimum

After Hours / Weekend/Holiday & EMERGENCY callouts subject to $1.00/gallon with a 500 gallon minimum.

Crustbuster Usage- $30.00 minimum.  If your tank is terribly thick (grease or septic) from lack of maintenance, we may have to use the Crustbuster.


Grease Traps- vary by size, location, frequency of pumping, and also depend on how solid the grease is in the trap, or if its mostly in a liquid state- as it should be with regular maintenance.


Grit Traps & Sand Traps 1.00/gallon 



DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: Seniors (60+ w/ID), All Veterans, all current NRA members (must show current membership card), and All CHL license holders (any state- must show license).